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Tae Hong Park

Keynote Speaker I

Born in Vienna, Austria, Tae Hong Park is a composer, bassist, and music technologist. Park received his Bachelor of Engineering degree in Electronics from Korea University in 1994 and worked in the area of digital communication systems and digital musical keyboards at the LG Central Research Laboratory in Seoul, Korea, from 1994 to 1998. He also holds degrees from Dartmouth College (M.A.) and Princeton University (M.F.A. and Ph.D.). His current interests primarily lie in the composition of electro-acoustic and acoustic music, signal processing, computer-aided music analysis, cyber-physical systems, soundscapes, and new media studies. His music has been heard in various locations, including Austria, Brazil, China, Canada, France, Germany, Holland, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, South Korea, Slovenia, Sweden, the UK, and the USA, at venues, conferences, and festivals such as Aether Fest, Bourges, Carnegie Hall, CEAIT, CYNETart, DIEM, EarZoom, EMM, ICMC, klangprojektionen, LACMA, MATA, NWEAMO, NYCEMF, Reflexionen Festival, SICMF, SEAMUS, Sonorities Festival, Spark Festival, Third Practice, and Transparent Tape Music Festival. His works have been performed by groups and performers such as the Ahn Trio, Argento Ensemble, Brentano String Quartet, California E.A.R. Unit, Ensemble Surplus, Wayne Dumaine, Edward Carroll, Entropy, Kaleidoscope, Zoe Martlew, Nash Ensemble of London, New Jersey Symphony Orchestra, and the Tarab Cello Ensemble. Park served as a board member of SEAMUS, Chief Editor of the Journal SEAMUS, and currently serves as an Editorial Consultant for Computer Music Journal. He has also served three terms as President of ICMA, chaired the 2006, 2018, and 2019 ICMC, and has served as Chair of ICAD 2013, SID 2015, and Noisegate 2016 conferences. He is the author of "Introduction to DSP: Computer Musically Speaking," published in 2010. After teaching at NYU for more than a decade, he is now an Associate Professor and Chair of the newly formed Department of Music at Purdue University.

Sonami-Spring Spyre-2.jpeg

Laetitia Sonami 

Keynote Speaker II

Laetitia Sonami is a pioneering French sound artist and performer known for her innovative use of technology in her work. After studying with Eliane Radigue in Paris, she moved to the United States in the late seventies to pursue her electronic music studies. Sonami has created several unique instruments for live performance, amongst which the lady’s glove and her current Spring Spyre which applies AI to real time audio synthesis. Sonami's work often explores themes of embodiment and is credited for inspiring the many offshoots from her gestural controllers. She has exhibited and performed at major international festivals and venues and has mentored many young artists in the field. #laetitia_sonami


Atau Tanaka

Keynote Speaker III

Atau Tanaka studied electronic music with Ivan Tcherepnin (brother of modular synthesizer designer Serge) at Harvard University. There he met John Cage during his Norton Lectures. Tanaka went on to carry out his doctoral work with John Chowning and Max Mathews at CCRMA Stanford and there began his work with the BioMuse (ICMC1993). Atau has carried out research at IRCAM, Apple France, and Sony Computer Science Laboratory (CSL) Paris in areas of music human-computer interaction (HCI), network performance, and human-centred machine learning. In the ’90s he formed Sensorband with Zbigniew Karkowski and Edwin van der Heide and performed in the Japanese noise scene. He has performed at festivals such as Ars Electronica, WOMAD, Sonar, CTM, and exhibited at Eyebeam, the Musikinstrumenten-Museum Berlin and SFMOMA. His research has been supported by the European Research Council (ERC), UK and French research councils. He was artistic co-director of STEIM Amsterdam and Edgard-Varèse Guest Professor at TU Berlin. He is professor at Goldsmiths, and works with Bristol Interaction Group and MSH Paris Nord.

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